Solar Capture Technologies specialise in the manufacture of custom designed solar modules, cells and systems. We have considerable experience in the manufacture and application of high value photovoltaic technology. In manufacturing we have customers in the sectors of water supply and protection, telecoms, transport, oil and gas and defence and aerospace. We develop and manufacture high value specialist products that deliver consistent, reliable results, particularly where safety is paramount.

Selected partners in both the public and private sector commission our services as research and development consultants, and we add maximum value to their programmes by establishing and maintaining excellent, mutually beneficial working relationships.


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Solar Capture Technologies is an independent photovoltaic cell, module and systems manufacturer. We develop high value, tailor made, solutions to ensure performance, consistency, reliability and safety.

We have considerable research and development experience in the manufacture and usage of high value PV technology, where off-grid systems are key. Take a look at who we are and what we do.

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